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High-Speed Data Transfer Solution for High-Tech, Engineering & Manufacturing

Jun 5, 2024

How are petabytes of footage from major sporting events like the Olympic Games and European Football Championships transferred instantly to your TV screen?

Gain exclusive insights into behind the scenes and uncover how you can optimise your data transfers and workflows to drive cost reductions and innovations. Join us for an exclusive co-hosted event to explore how Dot Group and IBM Aspera’s cutting-edge technology transforms various verticals. Discover the groundbreaking capabilities of IBM Aspera’s high-speed file transfer technology through compelling use cases and real-life deployments across manufacturing, electronics, automotive, energy and life science.

How can such technology be utilised for your industry?

Whether you wish to accelerate research, streamline global supply chain collaboration and production, leverage big data for competitive advantage, access IoT devices and sensor data, capitalise on data for training AI models, or feed silo’ed data to HPC cluster for analytics across any on-premise and any hybrid cloud environment, IBM Aspera can unlock it for you.

High-Speed Data Transfer Solution for High-Tech, Engineering and Manufacturing – Accelerating Innovation & Boosting Efficiency

Date: Tuesday 17th September
Time: 2pm – 5pm
Location: High Tech Campus in Eindhoven (Conference Center at The Strip)


  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Client Success Stories: Learn how leading companies have leveraged IBM Aspera to revolutionize their operations.
  • Client Reference: Listen to a client and their own journey of onboarding and deploying IBM Aspera into their practices outlinging their gained benefits.
  • Use Case Paradigms: Explore IBM Aspera applications across different industries, demonstrating its versatility and transformative potential.
  • IBM Aspera Capabilities: Understand the technology’s core strengths, including its unparalleled speed, security & reliability for large files and large data sets.
  • Unique Selling Propositions: Discover what sets IBM Aspera apart from other file transfer solutions.
  • Interactive Discussion and Q&A
  • Networking with Snacks & Drinks

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