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Every day millions of valuable large files and data sets need to be moved imminently, securely and cost- effectively between businesses around the world.

Dot Group is Europe’s most experienced data transport solutions provider and offers cloud based, hybrid-cloud and on-premises options.

Data transport speeds and costs can be unpredictable but not with Dot Group’s solutions. Our experts will help configure your system for optimal performance and cost-effective usage.

For businesses needing full enterprise capabilities to dispatch ultra large files at pace our team of experts can help you get setup with IBM Aspera, widely known in the industry as the gold standard for file transfers. And for organisations needing a full managed file transfer service, Dot Group’s own DataSprint solution offers a cost-effective option whilst still benefiting from the IBM Aspera FASP protocol.

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As the leading European experts in IBM Aspera, Dot Group is here to help you design and implement a high-speed file transfer workflow tailored to your needs.

  • High-speed data transfer for large files, without traditional FTP server bottlenecks.
  • Automated file transfers are quick and secure.
  • Intelligent bandwidth management maximises data throughput without slowing down critical applications.
  • Efficient sharing of large files with distributed teams is made easy and secure.
  • Reliable global data transfer without costly dedicated links.
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DataSprint is Dot Group’s game-changing file transfer solution powered by IBM Aspera technology providing guaranteed speed, security, and affordability.

Included in the low FIXED price:

    • Unlimited data transfer
    • Unlimited users
    • Unlimited workspaces
    • On-prem (private) & cloud deployment options
    • Zero cloud egress costs
    • Flexible payment options (choose to pay quarterly or annually)
    • No hidden costs

    Free Aspera review, delivered by Dot experts

    Already using IBM Aspera? Harmonise your deployment to enable faster and more efficient file transfers, while cutting down unnecessary costs by signing up for a FREE annual IBM Aspera MOT review with Dot Group.

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    Free IBM Aspera Health MOT check

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    In the time it takes to read this sentence, you could move a 250 MB file from New York to Los Angeles with IBM Aspera (according to the IBM Aspera file transfer calculator’s data for a network bandwidth of 300 Mbps and 1% packet loss). 

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