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Free Aspera review, delivered by Dot experts


Harmonise your Aspera deployment to enable faster and more efficient file transfers, while cutting down unnecessary costs.

Sign up for Dot’s free annual Aspera MOT review, designed to help Aspera users detect weak spots and fine tune its performance.

Aspera MOT includes the following check-ups:

Security — Identify points of potential security threats to mitigate any Aspera-related risks. Discover how strong your security is now to circumvent challenges in the future.

Performance — Set your performance standards higher than the ‘workable’ level. Allow Dot’s experts to find transfer bottlenecks, test current performance and uncover improvement possibilities.

Configuration — Discover ways to modernise your Aspera deployment, apply best practices and improve Aspera’s effectiveness. Sometimes little tweaks go a long way.

Optimisation – Reassess your whole data transfer environment to identify areas ripe for optimisation to ensure the software’s scalability and efficiency for the future.

Reliability – Gain a comprehensive overview of your Aspera deployment to prevent any potential points of failure and sustain error-free transfers.

We help you find little-known ways to enhance your Aspera deployment, whether we are analysing your Aspera software version, surrounding infrastructure or your data transfer processes and workflows.

Dot’s Aspera annual MOT is a comprehensive review that moves through a 20+ checklist and at the end of it you’ll receive a traffic light report with detailed observations and tailored recommendations to ensure you continue to reap the full benefits of your Aspera software.

Dot Group #TheAsperaExperts with over 20+ years of data engineering experience, are on a mission to make Aspera file transfer management easy and cost-effective by following Aspera’s best practises. We operate in the UK, Netherlands, South Africa, France, Germany, Spain and Italy, helping clients maximise their file transport workflows across the world.

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About Dot Group

We assume you probably already know about IBM Aspera, but what do you know about Dot Group?

We are #TheAsperaExperts with data technology experts in the UK, Netherlands, South Africa, France, Germany, Spain and Italy who speak both English and the local language, making it easier for you to convey what it is you need for your business and your file transport technology.

The team at Dot Group have come from client-side and have learnt our technology science and craft through real world applications, we truly understand your pain points, we have been there!

If you work in a data-heavy industry and need to share information globally Dot Group can help.  We have experience of working in Media & Entertainment, Finance, Life-Sciences, Manufacturing, Retail and many more industries. See our website for further details at www.dotgroup.co.uk