Dot Group & IBM Innovation = results with the personal touch

Dot Group has been working with IBM for nearly 20 years. We know their solution stacks almost as well as they do.

Over the years, we’ve integrated IBM products and services into the DOT offering and into our clients’ businesses. We do this fluidly, either as whole IBM solution projects or as part of a wider technology offering.​ The status of an IBM Premier Business Partner title certainly opens doors, but it’s our completed projects that keep those doors ajar and open the new ones.

IBM Gold Partner - Dot Group
IBM watsonx AI & data platform

IBM watsonx™ AI and data platform

With the recent explosion of Generative AI, now is the time to empower your data. Through Retrieval Augmented Generation, your data becomes a guiding force for foundational models such as Large Language Models. This approach ensures that not only are answers generated for your customers, employees, and processes, but they are also thoroughly validated and tailored to your specific business needs.

IBM Aspera

As the leading European experts in IBM Aspera, Dot Group is here to help you design and implement a high-speed file transfer workflow tailored to your needs. 

  • High-speed data transfer for large files, without traditional FTP server bottlenecks.
  • Automated file transfers are quick and secure.
  • Intelligent bandwidth management maximises data throughput without slowing down critical applications.
  • Efficient sharing of large files with distributed teams is made easy and secure.
  • Reliable global data transfer without costly dedicated links.
IBM Aspera
IBM Envizi

IBM Envizi ESG Suite

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) evaluates a company’s commitment to the environment and society at large. This assessment is crucial as ESG metrics deeply influence both consumer choices and investor decisions. Here at Dot Group we can help you transform ESG reporting from a burden to an opportunity. With our support for the IBM Envizi ESG Suite, we simplify the capture, analysis, and reporting of ESG data, propelling businesses towards understanding and then reducing their carbon footprint.

IBM Envizi ESG Suite is SaaS that consolidates enterprise ESG data for analysis and reporting.

IBM NS1 Connect

IBM NS1 Connect is a managed service for authoritative DNS and traffic steering that improves application performance and network resilience. This technology enhances your network’s reliability and performance, ensuring smooth and seamless user experiences. With IBM NS1 Connect, benefit from faster applications, heightened productivity, and increased customer satisfaction.

Optimise end-user experience and improve network resilience—at a lower cost—with IBM NS1 Connect GSLB, a new approach powered by DNS and real-time device performance data.

IBM watsonx