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Informatica has been a leader in the data management space for decades and continues to innovate today. Informatica launched the worlds first Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) a few years ago, culminating from years of R&D and a long history of IP in the space.​

​At the same time, Informatica launched a new consumption based pricing model, making it accessible to all size businesses. ​

​Dot Group are experts in the consumption model as well as experts in delivering the benefits. Click on the links below to dive into some different aspects of the platform. Or contact us to discuss in detail.

Informatica - Platinum Partner
Informatica - Integration


The Informatica IDMC platform offers a low code/no code approach to solving ANY integration pattern, from Batch/ETL to Real Time API led to streaming, Mass Ingestion and change data capture, B2B/EDI and everything in between, with a variety of deployment options.​

​The platform is underpinned by the broadest and richest set of connectors, utilising AI to make suggestions as you build pipelines. ​

​Dot Group has been recommending and using Informatica for many years at our clients to deliver business value, but we also believe there is no point in just integrating systems together, Data Quality needs to be entwined in the process to deliver value and this is exactly what Informatica enables us to do for our clients.

Data Quality

We believe Data Quality is at the heart of all things data, integrating bad quality data is just replicating the problem from one location to the next, there is no point starting an analytics or AI initiative if the underlying data is of poor quality and mastering data for a single source of truth is impossible without first understanding the data quality, performing de-duplication and consolidation to obtain that golden record.​

​Data Quality is at the heart of IDMC from Informatica, it’s used throughout integration pipelines, used in combination with Governance, Catalogue, Lineage and Marketplace and of course intrinsically used in Master Data Management.

Informatica - Data Quality
Informatica - Data Catalogue

Data Catalogue, Governance & Marketplace

We are in the business of helping you deliver trusted data to your data consumers, using  Informatica at our clients enables us to scan your metadata sources to understand what you have and where it is, where it came from and where it’s going to, it then helps us to help you  create and overlay business rules to unite business and technical views, it then also enables us to integrate Data Quality so that your data consumers  can see and understand the quality before they start using it for data driven business outcomes.​

​Finally, it enables us to help you democratise your data, share more data in a governed, trusted way through a data sharing marketplace enabling you to collaborate on data intelligence.

Master Data Management

MDM projects are well known to be difficult to deliver, that’s why we recommend Informatica’s cloud native, AI-powered MDM solution, it sits within the IDMC platform and utilizes Informatica’s best of breed capabilities with respect to Integration, Quality, Catalogue and Governance.​

​Informatica’s cloud MDM platform is multi-domain, uses AI powered match and merge and draws on the power of the rest of the IDMC platform to deliver modern master data management.

Informatica - Master Data Management
Informatica CLAIRE AI Solutions


Informatica is no newcomer to the AI space and has been using their AI engine called CLAIRE for many years now to improve the use of Informatica for its customers. CLAIRE GPT is the next-gen version of CLAIRE and is delivering the industry’s first generative AI-powered data management solution that will transform and redefine users’ data management and data consumption experiences. With CLAIRE GPT as the primary interface for data management, users can interact with and manage their data through a natural language interface and create rapid first drafts of mappings, quality rules and governance artifacts so that the data team can refine and implement across the enterprise.

Currently in private preview mode, CLAIRE GPT will be generally available soon. Watch this space!